Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You're magic he said...

Have you ever said something and then, almost immediately, thought "where in the fuuuuuuuuck did that come from?"  This happens to me on a daily - dare I say, hourly - basis.  It would probably happen less if I tried to stop my verbal diarrhea and actually thought about things before I said them but that would make my life a little more boring.  Here is the most notable WTF story-o-the-day:  

We finished work early today and I'd checked all my usual sites (HuffPostPerez Hiltoncnn, and People).  I'd even done a little online shopping.  I quickly ran out of things to look up so I got up from my desk and started wandering around the office.  I stopped at the front desk and started talking to one of my co-workers when I realized that I had a whole 15 fucking minutes left to kill.  I looked at her and said, "Ok... I'm going to go look at myself in the mirror for a while."  She immediately looked at me like she stepped in dog poo and then started laughing as if what I said was a joke.  I was dead serious.  Do people NOT admit to checking themselves out?!  I know that I'm not the only one who goes and takes a peek at just how babe-a-licious I am.  Sure, I also make sure my lipgloss is still poppin' and that my skirt isn't tucked into my underwear (which has happened an alarming number of times this summer) but I really just want to look at myself.  I know some of my friends do this... Gracie even has a face JUST for looking in the mirror.  I firmly believe that you should check out yourself at least once for every two people you eyeball.  Side note:  I check out more people than is suggested on a daily basis.  If anyone can teach me how to not get busted, I'd greatly appreciate it.  It's really not our fault that we are so foxy.  If you are my friend (which I'm assuming you are because you are reading this silly little blog) then you are totally delicious.  And I don't seek out Babe-raham Lincoln's to be my friends, it just happens that way.  If you don't take time out of your day to go admire yourself in the mirror, you TOTALLY should start.  I'm thinking starting my days off like this sweet little love bucket ends hers. 
I really like the little dance she does towards the end. Sister has some SAWEEEEEEET moves.

I have a request for anyone who reads this. Would you mind throwing some good vibes out in the universe in my direction? I'll give some more details at a later date but cannot at the moment. Thanks, dearest friends. I love you all. I'm so glad each and everyone of you is alive. Yup, you too.

Here is a random sampling of my life... I think it's from 20-ish and on. Seriously, friends. I'd be lost without you.

Unfortunately I was not there while this was taken but it makes me happy...

Oh, my old K-Town crew
Best worst decision ever.
One of many, many nights at Pres-Pub
Pre-gaming something, what?  Who the hell knows.
Nashville friends, love you.
MLK Jr day... freshman year?  HA
Birthday party = eye patches.
Two words.  Cat.  Poop.


Cassie Lynn said...

Anna makes it into the "Nashville friends" pic and she doesn't even live here yet and I don't? Don't make me stop reading your blog, I like it too much. But you know I have attention issues.

Shannon said...

Please accept my most sincere apologies. I will be correcting this asap.