Friday, August 6, 2010

I want some pips.

I decided to take a short day today... I thought it would be best not only for myself but also for everyone else since I've been a raging bitch little difficult this week (see how considerate I am?).  I also did it in hopes that I could get some things down around my house.  What have I done in the three whole hours I've been home?  Played wordfeud.  (For all you iphone users, think "words with friends" but better because it's not with AT&T.)  Despite the fact that I've been completely useless, I feel I made a pretty solid decision because: A.  I'm kicking ass at this game and B. It is hot a fuck outside.  Here is a funny picture for you:

Ha. Ha. Ha.  Talking corn.
Doesn't that make you feel better about being so hot that you want to barf, cry and sit in a tub of ice all at the same time?  Yeah... me too.

In other news, I'm officially obsessed with "Police Women of Memphis."  It's absolutely ridiculous.  I mean it doesn't show Memphis in the best light but, whatever.  It's brilliant.  Especially Joy.  I want to find her and some how be her friend.  If you haven't watched the show, I highly suggest checking it out. I'm going to go watch some more of Joy and the gang... I'll be posting again later.

In the mean time, feel free to sing along at the top of your lungs to this gem.


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