Friday, August 13, 2010

No, not you. The bow legged one.

Today was another rough one.  I think I've been so looking forward to getting out into public this weekend I've driven myself crazy.  Before I get to the good shiz, let me recap my stupid Friday the 13th.

  • Overslept, as per usual
  • Stubbed my toe walking out the door because I hate wearing shoes and driving
  • Work. Ew.
  • Mani/pedi appointment cancelled because the electricity is out.
  • Turned away by not one but two more nail salons (Note to self: Make appointments on any other day EXCEPT for paydays)
  • More work.  More ew.
  • Mani/pedi appointment cancelled. Again. Because the universe did not want my feet to be pretty.
  • Ripped my skirt
  • Broke my sandal
I left out a few more details because... well, I just did.  Now on to the exciting stuff.

In true girl style, I am a firm believer in retail therapy.  Since fall is almost upon us, I decided to go pick up one more sundress before I have to start wearing pants again (barf-o-rama).  I bebop down to my local Old Navy and find these gems:
Same dress but mine is bright green

Most comfortable pants ever.

Thank you, Old Navy, $32 later I'm feeling a little better.  Next stop: Shoenami.  The greatest thing in the entire world is a good pair of heels... For the record:  The bigger = the better.  Heels any shorter than 3.5 inches are laughable.

I think I almost peed a little when I saw the "Buy One Get One" sign on the door.  Apparently everyone else that wears my size shoe was super excited because there were not a lot to choose from but I did get these..... drum roll, please:

Pretty black pumps

Red open toe booties?  Yes, please.

I'm really digging the hardware right now

Clutch with a strap

My version of brass knuckles?

This may be my favorite purchase...

Not only were the shoes BOGO but everything else was too!  BAH!  Best $76 ever.

HAPPY WEEKEND!  Go make bad decisions with good people.  My song of choice while getting ready to go raise a little hell?  Salt n Peppa, of course!


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