Usual Suspects

Some of my friends have been given nicknames to protect the innocent.  Here's who we're working with:

  • Fer: We've been friends since forever.  Literally.  Fer always makes me laugh.  Her decision making is on par with mine.  Her ideas may not always be the best from the outside looking in but the stories will always make you pee a little.  She's a part time interpretational dancer and a full time singer.

  • Scottie Don't:  We met in 2010?  Maybe 2009? I don't remember because I always black out when I hang out with him.  Always.  He brings out the best/worst in me... and everyone.

  • Shorty Bo Peep {aka SBP}:  I met SBP in high school which means she's been friends with me through many a bad haircut and braces.  We lived together for the first two years of college and were married for a short bit.  SBP is, without a doubt, the most practical person I've ever met.  She's rational and thinks before she speaks and usually makes good decisions.  She is quite literally the yin to my yang.  When she doesn't make good decisions, hilarity always ensues.

  • Broseph: Well, he's my brother and there's not much else that you need to know other than he's touched.

  • Nashville:  We met one night in college and it's been a blur since then.  She's got the best luck in the entire world.  Literally.  She's also got more energy than anyone I'v ever met.

  • Vanilla Thrilla:  Obviously he came up with his own nickname.  WHAT a special fella.  He's my brother.  From another mother.  He'll probably be my maid of honor solely so I can ask him to wear a dress... and I know he'll do it because it's me.

I'm 100% obsessed with all of you.  It's borderline unhealthy.  If you would like to ammend your bio, please submit to me via email.  All bios are