Sunday, August 8, 2010

Only Jazz musicians are smokin' marijuana

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  My weekend was... well, I was with my parents.  I adore my folks.  I really do.  I enjoy spending time with them.  For the most part.  In case I ever think that a weekend away with JUST the three of us is a good idea, backhand me.  I'm begging you.  There were a few redeeming factors from my weekend:  I learned how to use boats (so a weekend away with my friends is in the works) and it was absolutely beautiful.

Ziggy and Rocky Top were waiting to leave
Much like chillren, they quickly fell asleep

Rocky Top got mad because Ziggy was taking up the whole seat
Finally, we have arrived

View from the back patio... I love this place
I love facebook.  Maybe love isn't the appropriate word.  I have a deep infatuation with facebook.  It provides me with hours and hours of entertainment.  I stalk picture updates.  I love it when people begin and end relationships.  I get a sweet chuckle when people think fighting online is an effective way of proving anything other than just how boring life can truly be.  But what I look forward to most of all are the status updates.  Sometimes it's the little things in life that really make me happy... these are excerpts from real life status updates from two of my FB friends.  The first one makes me giggle.  A lot.
today the houston chronicle informed me that big boobs are in this season... so happy to know I'm fashionable and foloowing trends! since when are boobs out of style anyway?

And this one?  Well... here it is:

... :-( AND so sad I lost my favorite scrunchie somewhere along the way!

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.  First and foremost, I'm trying to be less judgemental of people who choose to use regular emoticons.  But when "noses" are added? Well, that's just plain ridiculous.  Second of all:  People still wear scrunchies?  I don't even know what else to say but if anyone finds my pogs or tamagotchi, please mail me a letter as to the whereabouts of these treasures.

(UPDATE: One of my dearest friends, Hannah, just sent me this text and I simply HAD to post it: "... And in response to the scrunchies: a co-manager at work wear them on a daily basis... In many different colors... Sad, isn't it?")

Time to get my life in order.  I leave you in the capable hands of Mr. Jimmy Buffett with one of my favorite songs of all time.  Until tomorrow, lovers.


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