Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have a very intense hate for Cordova.  It is the weapons of mass destruction to my George Bush.  If there was a terrorist cell in the 901, they would UNDOUBTEDLY live in Cordova, shop at Wolfchase and drive like a fucking dickhead.

It really surprises me that the people out here can be so incredibly different than in my neck of the woods.  They are like aliens.  Myspace using, frosted tip sporting aliens.  I'm sure all of them aren't as horrid as I imagine but I'm also sure that some of them would get personally offended by people talking shiz about the 'Dova so they would put on the their Affliction agenl winged shirt, go talk to Steve Gaines then type a strongly worded and heavily misspelled note on their facebook/myspace pages all the while taking the time to TyPe LiKe ThIs.  I just judged the shit out of myself to being able to do that for three whole words. Sigh.

Here are a few things on the veeeeeeerrrrrrrry long list that makes me hate this cesspool:

First and foremost I loathe pretty much anything that comes from this man's mouth:

$$$$ Money Sunday $$$$ - kewego
Steve increased his giving by 50%
So he planned to give $2 , now he'll give $3
This video is for noncommercial use only. Its use here is solely for critical commentary which qualifies as fair use
Ooooh guuurl.  Your hur extensions look goood.
Men with frosted tips
Not just yellow mustangs, but yellow corvettes, yellow rice burners, etc.

Ginger + Mullet + Ed Hardy for kids = His parents really, really hate him

Lest we not forget the godforesaken crotch rocket...
That's enough hatin' for right now...

And, for the time being, I will leave you with a ditty courtesy of JET.


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