Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I wanna dance with somebody

Yowza.  This Tuesday did not fail to represent as a painfully long day (even though I did get the greatest of gifts today).

I've decided to keep my blog to a minimum today.  It may or may not have something to do with the fact that I love beer more than I could ever love anything on the internet.

My thoughts on today:

  • deodorant should be loved by one and all
  • my friends are hilarious.  each and everyone of them
  • I wish I was old enough to enjoy the 80s and all that it had to offer (namely the big hair.  I could have been a hit with my fucking chia pet)
  • Eminem needs to go ahead and quit threatening to kill women.  I have have gotten down with your misogyny when I was a teenager but I only listened to your music to rebel against my parents.  Plus the only reason ANYONE likes your new song is Rihanna and the hook.
  • When people comment on my blog, I get more excited than I could ever imagine being... this includes Christmas morning.
  • I love each and everyone of you.  Yup.

As I've typed everything I've been singing along with this gem.  I hope you enjoy it.  Get it boys and guuuuuuurls.


1 comment:

LindyLuck said...

shannon!! i love this video! please wear your hair like that next I see you. and find some dudes to dance around like that behind you as you walk into room/party/bar, etc. it's like an entourage but with awesome rhythm. thanks for reminding me of how awesomely 80s this video is!