Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lame blog #2 of the week.

I must apologize for my pathetic post yesterday.  I was at home in bed by 9:30.  Cute AND age appropriate, I know.  Brief weekend update: Soulfish with Gracie, slow jams at the Bayou, downtown, Club 152, ELVIS week, bottle service... the rest is on a need to know basis and I have taken my name off of that list.  All that really matters is I didn't lose my shoes... not that I didn't try to.

I'm about to tell you something very, very important.  I'm talking life or death.  Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give me bottle service.  Ever.  Don't ever do it.  While my shame is stilling palpable, I should also mention that I've placed a moratorium on me being in public.  For now it's indefinite.  I'm taking it upon myself to ban me from Beale Street.  FOR. EV. ER.  (Imagine The Sandlot).

Since I was still suffering from a hideous moral hangover yesterday, my Tuesday was for once waaaaay better than my Monday!  (It also had to do with the fact that Meredith V and Matty were working today... and I woke up with Justin Biebs in my head.  Yes, I'm aware I'm a loser.)  The only thing that wasn't completely awesome about today was that I had to do laundry.  And dishes.  I mean I HAD to.  These are probably the worst chores known to man.  My momma always used to get on to me and my siblings because we would bitch and complain about doing these wretched chores.  She always said, "You've spent more time complaining than it will take you to do the dishes."  As per usual, Leslie was right.  But if you tell her, I'll deny, deny, deny and probably kick you in the ankle.  These days, instead of complaining about it I look up new dishes and new clothes to buy so I can throw the old ones out.  Yup.  I hate it THAT much.

Moving on... I don't know if any of you go to the free concert series in the summer/fall at Levitt Shell but they just put out their fall line up and it looks totally sick.  I'm super excited about Dirty Dozen Brass Band.  I went to see them at the hi-tone with my homie, Rhi, one night.  Cow bell was involved.  And it was good.  Check it out. You know you want to.

Time to go read.  I promise I will have a good blog one day.  I'm wearing my new black pumps tomorrow in celebration of the fact that they survived downtown.  Paolo and I will be doing a dance in the morning.

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