Sunday, August 1, 2010

I used to be a renegade

I'm twenty five.  I have to check a new age bracket box.  I'm old enough to where my parents AND my grandmother think it's OK to joke around with sexual topics (like pretending to have a naked room... or telling me when/where my uncle was conceived).  I still act like a kid but I feel like I should start at least TRYING to be a grown up.  A lot of people my age are getting married and having babies... having babies ON PURPOSE.  The mere thought of having a baby right now makes me pee my pants in shear terror.  I'm having a very serious quarter life crisis.  So... instead of having a baby or adopting an animal, my baby will be this little gem.  I think I should warn you in advance... this could end very badly OR I could get bored in a week... maybe even after tonight? 

As for my mental breakdown "crisis:"  I think I'm going to come up with a bucket list of sorts.  Things I want to do not just before I bite the dust but before I (barf in my mouth) get ooooold.  I have a few ideas that I've been toying with... they make me sound like a completely bat shit crazy Jersey Shore cast off.  I want to get a tattoo, drive a motorcycle (this will NEVER happen since I can't even manage to ride one), start my 401k, learn what a 401k IS, have a dirty love affair...  I'll start thinking about this more and come up with a real list eventually.

I suppose that's it for tonight.  Time to google how to blog... this shiz is a lot more confusing than I thought it would be.  I bid you adieu, ladies and gents, and for now I leave you with the musical stylings of the fantastic Huey Lewis and the news.



Rhiannon said...

love you!! and i will be looking forward to reading this daily...

carl says he loves huey lewis more than you..."that's the power of love" ;P

-RHI :)

soleary said...

It is impossible for ANYONE to love Huey Lewis and the News more than me. Tell him to check himself! :) Love yoooooou!