Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lafonda + Shannon = BFF

MLGW has really interesting ways of billing.  I currently have a zero balance.  I don't know if they do math a different way... maybe they use phonics and reading or something because today I received a cut off notice because of my balance.  This really confused me so I called my favorite people in the entire world and made a new friend.  Although I'm fairly certain I can do a spot on imitation of her voice, I can't recall her name.. so from this point on I will call her "LaFonda."  Well... Lafonda gave me a nickname (because that's what friends do - right?).  Lafonda dubbed me "Ms. James..erra... Ollleara."  I know... I love it, too.  We chit-chatted on the phone for about 45 minutes and I learned just how special my new friend is.  Let me set the scene for you:  Lafonda and I just finished going over each and every payment I've made in the past year in painstaking detail.  She's confused about why I'm asking her about my cut off notice.

Ms. James..erra... Ollleara, aka, Me:  Lafonda, we just went over all of the payments and it still comes up to a zero balance.  I don't know why you are trying to turn it off when I don't owe anything?
Lafonda:  Ms. James..erra... Ollleara, every one has to pay their bill.
Me:  Right, I am well aware of that.  But I have a ZERO balance.  I'm not going to pay money that I don't owe.
Lafonda:  Ms. James..erra... Ollleara, your account says that you must pay by August 10th or else we will be forced to turn off your electricity.
Me:  Right... what if I pay nothing and we just call it even?
Lafonda:  Ma'am, if you are unable to pay your bill at this time we are willing to set up a payment plan.
Me: **stunned at how thoughtful Lafonda is being for her new friend**
Lafonda:  Ma'am, are you still there?  Are you willing to set up a payment plan?
Me:  No.  I can't afford it.  Can we just push it back until my next bill comes out?

Thankfully my new bestie agreed to that plan (which is quite generous since my bill  should be out August 16) and I'm free and clear for the next 12 days.  Good thing she's letting me wait to pay... now we can hit the cluuuuuubs.  This is what I imagine it will look like:

In case you were wondering, I will not be attending the Hanson concert tonight at Minglewood.  The teeny bopper that is still deep within my soul is very disappointed in me.  At least it's Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday and then it's Friday and I will hopefully at the lake.  I have a very special treat for myself everyone, especially everyone else who is missing the epic concert tonight.


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