Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I don't know what has been wrong with me lately.  Either wonderful things haven't been happening in my life {highly unlikely} or I just haven't been paying attention to the hilarity that is my everyday life {much more feasible}.  And while there have been days where I enjoy the 30 Day Challenge, it's proven to be quite a cop-out for my usual posts.

Work update:  Snooze.  More snooze. Eye candy.  Oooooh yeah.  So we hired this new fella.  He lives down in Texas.  I will call him Dallas.  Dallas is so pretty.  Ok.  He might not be that good looking.  Maybe my hormones are on overdrive.  {Hint:  THEY ARE}  Before Dallas came to town, hmmm, let's just say the male specimen have left a little to be desired.  Poor Dallas... I'm sure he didn't know that we would treat him like a piece of meat.  So, PRO: He's a refreshing hottie CON: He speaks with a Northern accent.  I am not, I repeat NOT, down with the accent.  There's something super charming about a man with a southern drawl.  Moral of this story:  Men should be seen and not heard. HAHA.  Sexism makes me giggle.

I must be doing something pleasing to the higher powers.  Either that or somebody just really loves me.  Not one but TWO foreigners came in today.  My hormones and affinity for foreigners probably played into my extreme attraction to these love buckets.  Whatever the case may be, I fell in love.  Twice.  I couldn't place where their accent originated from... I'm fairly certain these boys were straight from heaven.

Life update:  A lot has been going on for my extended family.  I have two pregnant cousins.  Yay for them.  Double yay it's not me.  Two different cousins are engaged.  Again, yay for them - double yay it's not me.  The only problem with this second bit of information is that they are younger than me.  Let me stress that this is not a problem for me.  At all.  AT ALL.  My mother, on the other hand, has been sent into a tizzy.  I would like to think she knows that I am not a le-bo.  I would like to think that I don't give off the vibes I'm playing for the other team.  But, given recent events, I feel like my mother is beginning to worry about my ability and willingness to land a man and procreate.  I've tried telling her that I can't keep plants alive - let alone a real live animal / human being.

Speaking of my future as a cat lady, I've decided to practice this look out on Halloween.  I'm not one of those girls that thinks Halloween means you have to be a whore.  And I don't like scary things.  So this year I'm going as a cat lady.  Consider it practice for my inevitable future.  As I was sitting at my desk thinking about what I could wear I realized that everything that was crossing my mind {ugly house shoes, a big bath robe, leggings, etc} are currently in my closet.  Ew.  I need to re-evaluate my life.  Stat.  The only thing I need is a cat.  Gracie suggested that I take Pretty Ricky {her cat} and keep him in my purse.  While a live prop would be pretty dope, I would fear for his life since cats apparently can't be kept on leashes.

I've been cooped up for far too long this week.  Time to boogie down the road for a bev... maybe I'll be back in time to catch up on the le challenge.  If tonight's song doesn't make you want to shake what your momma gave you... well, I just don't even know what to say.  Love you bitches.


Maggie said...

I totally feel you on the parents freaking out for you not being engaged/in a relationship/married. Almost every single weekend I have to hear the same old crap about my mom being married by the time she was 23 and owning a house and blah blah but I am still single and in school. How can we please explain to our parents that times have changed and that people still have the chance to get married and have babies after they turn 25?? ugh.

kLl said...

1. Damn Yankees
2. Please safety pin/sewing a bunch of cat stuffed animals to yourself.
3. I'm 26 and not married (technically, just living in sin). Besides, if you wait until after 25 you cut your chances of divorce in half. Ask your parents if they want to pay for one wedding or two.