Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm alive.

Did I trick you guys into thinking that me and my whole family died as a result of my cooking brunch?  I hope that's not what you thought... we all survived.  The brunch was delicious.  Like magically delicious.  Everyone took home a little extra for afternoon snacks.  Except for my broseph.  He showed up a fashionable two hours late.  Thanks, ass.  Pictures are to come but I still haven't bought a camera cord because I suck.  At life.

Speaking of, I'm keeping this post super short because I have to get ready for the GRIZZLIES OPENING GAME!  Hells yes.  I love the Grizz.  And I love free tickets from work.  I should be home in time for some alcohol induced posting.  Love you bitches.

1 comment:

Alethea Noble said...

I look forward to the alcohol induced posting and possible tweeting lol