Monday, October 18, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day Osem

Day Osem:  A Place You've Traveled To

I haven't been so lucky to have traveled outside of the good ol' U.S. of A... yet.  So today I'm going to treat you with the story of my trip to outer space.  Are you excited to see how the aliens live?  I bet you arrrrrrrrrrre!

As I mentioned here, I recently went on a day-cation to the mystical land of Hernando, MS.  I say it's mystical because I understand very little about this place.  For instance, why would you want to live in a town that doesn't have substantial shopping, or at least a Target?  {I'm sure you're thinking this is quite shallow but, my loves, I'm merely saving the economy one dress at a time.  You're welcome, America.}  I understand the allure of small town life.  Iuka, MS holds a very special place in my heart.  But, much like babies, I can only take it in moderation.  Moving on...

Hernando is about 45 minutes away.  Not too far considering it is, indeed, a whole different planet.  {Eat your heart out, NASA.}  With Gracie at the wheel, we were on our way for a beautiful - yet seasonably warm - fall day.  Forty - five minutes, several questionable turns and a lot of laughter later, we finally arrived at Cedar Hill Farms.  We pulled up onto a two lane gravel road and hit a little traffic jam.  Because SOMEBODY hit a tree.  Seriously.  After being directed by a chubby little ginger boy scout who was not having a good time, we made our way up to our destination.  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking from here on out...

Welcome to outer space.

In outer space, they grow gourds.

In outer space, they grow LOTS of gourds.

In outer space, they also grow corn.

In outer space, pumpkins smile.

In outer space, Grace thinks she is taller than she actually is.

In outer space, Terror is relative.

In outer space, I'm an OWL.

In outer space, Grace is a rabbit

In outer space, the restroom situation is questionable.

In outer space, they have alien ponies.
They have the fuzz in outer space.
In outer space, women can't drive and hit trees.

Goodbye far away land!
I'm adding a little tune for your listening pleasure this evening.  It seemed quite fitting.

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Alethea Noble said...

Hernando is defiantly on another planet, but sometimes I think that about Memphis too. You sure are a purddy owl. Was that supposed to be a shower in the bathroom??