Thursday, September 2, 2010

I put on for my city

In honor of 9-01 (yesterday in case you didn't know), I wanted to let everyone know what I love about this beautiful city.  Here we go....

  • Midtown!  Everything you could possibly want can be found here... fun bars, great restaurants and lots - I mean LOTS - of l-o-v-e.  There's also a farmer's market every Saturday morning (I'm not sure when that's going end, soon I'm sure).  I love going to get fresh flowers from this one precious little love bucket.  We talk about super serious things like Lady Gaga and Madonna.

    • Le zoo.  You can get in free on Tuesdays after 2.  I suggest going when school is in session.  THe chillrens get a little rowdy.  They also have Zoo Brew and Zoo Rendezvous... live music sometimes and, starting this winter, {drum roll, please} an OUTDOOR ICE SKATING RINK!  How exciting is that?!  If you don't go to any of these events at least go to see these sweet little nuggets... god I fucking love gorillas.

    • Overton Park and Levitt Shell:  On a beautiful day there is not, I repeat NOTHING, better than taking a cooler, some music and friends over to the park and relaxing.  Add in Levitt Shell's free concert series (both in the summer and fall) and it's a magical thing.  In case you needed more reasons to love the Shell, Elvis played there.  That's right.  The King.

    • The Griz...  I love watching basketball.  I love going to the games.  And I love Rudy Gay.

    • Lest we not forget the music.  The local music scene is major.  I may be partial because I know (and love these fellas), but Rainy Day Manual (RDM) is totally legit.

    Come see them Sept. 19 at Neil's with Mobley.. another incredible band

    • Oh, and Three 6 Mafia.  They are pretty major.  Plus DJ Paul and I are tight.

    Hope everyone had a great 9-01... and an even better 90210.  Who knew September's dates could give me such great joy?

    here's one of my favorite Star and Micey songs.  Love you.


    Raquel said...

    And the next day was 9-02-10 day. Brenda and Dylan forever! :)

    Cassie Lynn said...

    Just FYI for everyone: SMO is DJ Paul's 2 way. I saw it happen. She's kind of a big deal.

    Shannon said...

    @Raquel - I love 90210. Both new and old. Dylan, though 20 years older than anyone else on the show, was so dreamy.

    @Cassie - Bahaha... this is true. Others can only dream to be as legit as I am. Oh, and HOW IN THE HELL HAVENT WE BEEN KILLED?! Probably because we are so charming even when inquiring about his gimp arm...

    Cassie Lynn said...

    If we were going to be killed it would have been on that ride home from Plush with TWO STRANGERS WHO INVITED US INTO THEIR VEHICLE. We're like a poster for the dangers of underage drinking.

    Shannon said...

    Saying we are the poster children for underage drinking is like saying Bristol Palin is the poster child for abstinence. She had a child when she was a youngin' and now gets to mingle with "Le Situation" on DWTS. (And yes, le situation is french for that ass clown from Jersey Shore.)