Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What AN idiot.

I was looking over one of my last posts -  my crazy rant where I come off as a hormonal elitist {See here for a reminder} - when I realized that I forgot to put my favorite part of that blog... the sign I added to the break room at work.

Back story:  I've told you about the Sign Nazi.  Homegirl posts signs about anything and everything that rubs her the wrong way.  Ok - so I work with quite a few people.  I don't know / care to count exactly how many but enough.  Anyway, we all share a break room.  There's a coffee pot, a water jug-thing, tables, a tv and the refrigerator.  The stupid fucking refrigerator.  I wish you could smell it.  Um... scratch that - I don't want anyone to be forced to smell this.  It smells like curdled ass.  People put their lunches in there and leave them for decades.  Other people - me and a girl in my department for instance - use it strictly for the essentials:  cream for my coffee and milk because she was preggo and had heartburn like everyday.

Not two weeks after I brought in some delicious cream {in an absurdly large bottle, mind you} and after one use, it was gone.  As in someone put it back in the fridge empty.  If that wasn't annoying enough, whoever used it didn't ask.  Rude.  I will always say yes.  Just ask.

Cut to a few hours later:  Preggo goes to get the milk because her heartburn was a'kickin and it was gone.  No jug.  Nothing.  Seeing as there is only one Preggo at work, someone knowingly drank a pregnant woman's heartburn salvation.  It was after hearing this little bit of info that I got even more annoyed with my fucking rude inconsiderate co-workers.  I decided the time had come for me to add to the break room signage.

It's still hanging up right where I left it.  I wanted to right "Shaaaaaame" in bright red sharpie but apparently that was too far?  What the fuck ever.  I think I'll laugh at this for several weeks.  I hope I shamed the shit out of whomever was responsible for poor preggo's heartburn.

I love Cee Lo Green.


Ingrid Gray said...

This post made me laugh, and it reminded me of our breakroom. My coworker has a 6-7 month old and while she was pregnant someone stole her frozen dinner out of the freezer. She posted a sign on both fridges, the bulletin board, and the door to the break room going on and on about how not only did she have to go hungry, but her unborn child did as well. It was hilarious and awesome. Much like your milk sign.

Jill said...

ive been seriously cracking up after reading this for like 4 minutes straight! you're such a nut :)

Faith Carter said...

I LOVE this song! Haha. It's been stuck in my head for literally the past month, I've decided it's impossible to get sick of.

->> Fai