Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A few things of note

1.  I got an OPI Axxium gel manicure at Nails by Nicole on poplar last Wednesday.  My nails still look perfect.  New obsession.

2.  I am wearing fake eyelashes right now.  Another new obsession.

3.  I really like ketchup.

4.  My life is so boring right now.  I am blaming it on the weather.  I'm going through a nesting period.  What that means for me?  I cook a little.  I crochet a little.  I play angry birds.  A lot.

5.  I'm finally learning how to tell time on a real watch.  No more digital for me.  Only about 20 years after most people...

6.  The more I have to do the more I procrastinate.

7.  I lose lightbulbs and socks with astounding frequency.

8.  I'm going to Smashville for New Years Eve.  I'm hoping to not lose my phone.  I've already given up on losing my morals and dignity.  It comes with the territory of excessive drinking.

9.  I work with some of the most insane people ever.  They really make me fucking laugh sometimes.  Sometimes I hate them.

10.  You need to read this girl's blog.  Click here.  She is funnier than I am.  Given how highly I think of myself {and my humor} that's saying a lot.


Raquel said...

I also procrastinate if I have a lot of stuff to do, generally in the form of a nap.

I'm afraid of false eyelashes. You are a brave, brave woman.

Now I'm off to read that blog you posted.

Paige said...

oh no you didn't! thanks for the blog shout out miss thang...and i fucking love ketchup

Shannon said...

The fake eyelashes make me feel fancy. Like tranny-whore fancy. Obviously that's a good thing?

And Paige, I'm obsessed with you and your blog. You make procrastination so much more fun.