Friday, December 17, 2010

Shannon learns to bake, lesson 1 - the photos

The list.  Naturally I forgot something.  The rolling pin.

So many choices.

Even MORE choices

Dear baking powder, where ARRRRRE you?

Oh, hidden on the top shelf.  That's cool.

The shiz

Doesn't it just look cute and Amish?

Sifted shiz

My new power tool
This thing is fucking out of control.  The "low" option has the mixing power of a hemi.  I don't really know if that's a lot but the commercials sure do make it seem like it is.

Dough balls.
So... the dough seemed really crumbly.  I hope this is ok?

Royal Icing

Oh, baking.  You are a messy hobby.  My kitchen is a disaster thanks to my ridiculous mixer.  I have about 30 more minutes until I can start baking some cookies.  The whole waiting 2 hours for the dough to chill is boring.  Slash I don't know why I have to put it in the fridge.

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