Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Catch up. Again.

Day 26: A Picture of your family

No.  I've already done this.  But I do have something to tell you.  My whole family is going to be in town for Thanksgiving.  Like both sides of the family.  It also happens to be my grandma's 80th birthday the day after Thanksgiving.  My mom suggested we all take a picture together.  That's fine.  She also suggested that we all dress the same.  Not fine.  Not okay.  Never.  Never ok.  Stupid.  I hate pictures where everyone is wearing the same thing.  While I will go along with the stupid ass idea I will be wearing pretty shoes.  Pretty, loud shoes.  I'm not bringing a back up pair either so my family will either have to accept my shoes or allow me to go barefoot. End of story.

Day 27: Pets

I've talked about this before.  I would love to get a pup.  I would just love it.  I want an older doggy that's potty trained, current on all of his shots, testicularly challenged and preferably he'd know how to feed himself and let himself out when he has to go potty.  Basically I want a prepubsecent boy child.  Unfortunately, I can't take of things.  My neighbor asked me to take care of two potted plants while he was out of town for a week and I killed them.  I took my pet fish, Negrosaurus, on Spring Break and he died.  This is not a good pattern.  I will not / should not be getting pets.

Day 28:  Something that stresses you out

Nothing of any significance stresses me out.  I worry about the really important things in life.  Like where am I going to get cute shoes now that Shoenami is closing?  Or, who is going to clean out all the embarrassing things of my house so my family doesn't have to see it should something happen to me?  The most important thing that's stressing me out right now:  WHO is going to take these jello shots out of my fridge?  I may or may not have barfed a little bit in my mouth when I typed that.  TOO SOON.

Day 29:  Three Wishes

one.  I wish these questions would stop boring me.
two.  I wish I could have a job that consisted solely of blogging, twittering and facebooking.
three.  I wish I had like six billion more wishes to use them on real life things.


Alethea Noble said...

I like your rebellion with super cute shoes and just so you know Jello shots are always welcome in my apartment!!!

Andrea said...

Ummm, I think you need to direct your mom to Maybe she will change her name about everyone wearing the same thing. Or at least you will get a good laugh!

Andrea said...

Well, clearly I was exhausted when I wrote the above comment (also, have been working on changing my name). I meant to say maybe your Mom will change her MIND. Sheesh

Hannah said...

oh... RIP Negrosaurus.....