Friday, June 24, 2011

It's not like riding a bicycle.

I need to start blogging again but it's so hard after I've been out of it for a while.  I can feel myself slowly going crazy when I don't.  I don't have another outlet to... um - express myself? (read: I refuse to pay for a therapist who won't appreciate my issues and won't find me funny in the least).

My life is incredibly dull.  All I do all day long is tweet and facebook.  Or think about twitter and facebook.  Or read twitter and facebook.    I text. More than is medically advised.  Or watch Real Housewives of (insert city here) or So You Think You Can Dance and/or The Voice... ooooooh my love for The Voice runs deep.  Really deep.  I've started live-tweeting this week so I'm sorry if you follow me... I get quite obsessed.  Here's why:

First and foremost, the judges.  Adam Levine is a complete douche.  He seems to take himself quite seriously and the only thing serious about him is how delicious he is.  I thoroughly enjoy looking at him.  Then there's Cee Lo.  While he's not as easy on the eyes, he is perfect in almost every other way.  I love his music.  I love his sunglasses.  Most importantly, I love his short little T-Rex arms.  The "star" out of the judges is Christina Aguilera or Xtina.  I don't know what she goes by now nor do I care.  Homegirl has hit a rough patch in her life.  She has either drank herself into believing that it's still 1999 and she's still musically relevant buuuut she's not.  Sure, she has a serious set of pipes but all she talks about is how she's been on tour and she's won awards and blah, blah, blah.  Last time I checked, your latest tour was cancelled indefinitely because no one cares about her  ???? I don't know.  I'm over her.  Then there was her hairstyle from this past week.  It was a hot fucking mess... let's just leave it at that.  My favorite judge is Blake Shelton.  He is, arguably, the man of my dreams.  He is perfect and neck as hell and insane.  And I love every second of him.

Then there is the talent.  No, I'm not taking a jab at the no talent ass clown of a host, Carson Daly.  I'm talking about the REAL talent.  Namely Xenia and Dia.  These girls are out of this world.  {They are on Team Blake... so laaaahuuuuuve him even more.}  Here's Dia's performance from this week.  Warning: It MAY be better than the original... sorry REM.

That's all for right now... I'm going to try to be better.  I really am.  But I won't make any promises.  OH! And if you watch any of the aforementioned shows AND tweet, follow me mylifeisdelish so we can discuss.

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Alethea Noble said...

Love the new blog design!! I totally agree blogging is not like riding a bike. For me lately it feels more like I just took my training wheels off... Ouch. I think that your blog is always great and Blake Shelton is delicious!