Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quick rant.

Dear America,

I hate Casey Anthony just as much as the next person - trust me, I really do.  I find her behavior repulsive.  I dislike everything that I've seen about this bitch.  That being said, I'm really tired of hearing people talk about killing her, hoping someone kills her, re-trying her case, slamming the judge and jury, chatting about how inappropriate her sentence is, et al.  Let me tell you why this annoys me to no end:

1.  You want her dead - either by your hands or someone else's: I'm kind of torn on this one.  I'm pro-choice and can be pro-death penalty.  Can be = convicted sex offenders, rapists, cop killers, terrorists - douche nozzles of that nature.  But how can you say, with any ounce of sincerity, that you would kill someone?  Don't you think that you need to seek therapy?  Me thinks you have a few anger management problems and need to talk to someone and ya need to do it now.

2.  You want to RE-TRY her case:  The next person I hear say she needs to be fucking re-tried is getting a firm backhand.  The accused has a few rights so that everyone doesn't get completely dicked over.  They have the right to a fair, speedy trial; a trial by a jury of their peers; right to council; presumption of innocence; something about the Miranda rights and, arguably the most important for today's topic: double jeopardy.  I don't know what class teaches about this in school but I know one must.  If you, I don't know, never went to school? have you never seen Double Jeopardy with Ashley Judd?  Have you never seen at least one episode of Law and Order where the son of bitch gets off?  {If you said no to that last one, I'm calling bull shit.}  Double jeopardy means you can't be tried again after being acquitted.  It CANNOT and WILL NOT be happening.

3.  Talking shiz about the jury for finding her not guilty: This one pisses me off the most.  Did you watch any of the trial?  Surely you know they didn't have any hardcore evidence that this bitch killed that sweet baby.  I know everyone watches TV.  If you watch Nancy Grace I'm a little embarrassed for you but I'll let it slide.  The people that were on that jury did exactly what they were supposed to do.  They looked at the evidence and did what they believed to be right.  If you want to be pissed at anyone, be pissed at the prosecution.

4.  The judge:  He's just a big bad ass ball of American Justice.  AND he's a total hard ass.  A hard ass named Belvin. If you don't think he caught shit about THAT name growing up then it's like I don't even know you anymore... Did you hear that he gave some TGIFridays working ass clown that flipped the bird to the prosecuters six days in jail and a fine?  Don't mess with this chocolate marshmallow.  Homes is not fucking around.

5.  Her sentence:  Quick recap: She was jailed July 16, 2008.  She was found not guilty on the serious charges and found guilty on four counts of being a lying cunt {hey, that's the legal term... not mine}.  The maximum penalty for being a deceiving whore? One year per charge.  Math time:  Four years. Max.Im.Muuuum.  In Florida, folks down there only serve about 85% of their sentence.
365 x 4 = 1460
1460 x .85 = 1241
Carry the one.  Long division.  Calculator.
She only has to serve 3.4 years.  And that's without good behavior.

Moral of my rant today: Do I think she is guilty? Yes. Do I dislike her? Oh, but of course.  Am I tired of hearing about her? Hell. Fucking. Yes.  My heart hurts for everyone involved with this trial.

But just in case... this is a good idea.

Can we please get back to talking about Lindsey Lohan?  Or maybe... I don't know.. maybe something awesome about the world? Like this? This makes me laugh.


hannah said...

Bahahahahaha!!!!!!! I LOVE the picture at the end.... reminds me of why I love you. And AMEN mista!

Lindsey and Rich said...

That just made my day.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

HAHA oh man the last picture made me laugh so tough.

I am so sick of hearing about this trial, and I really, REALLY hate people who say they want to kill/rape/do whatever other sick shit people want to do to her.