Saturday, January 8, 2011

This time it's personal.

Today is my favorite, and coincidentally only, brother's birthday.  I decided to try and bake him something delicious.  I found a recipe for self-frosting cupcakes.  How is this possible, you ask?  Nutella.  I firmly believe that Nutella is the answer to many problems.  For all we know it could be the secret to world peace.  Alas, here is a story:

After a delicious lunch with one of my favorite pregnant, married friends, I came home and decided to tackle this seemingly easy recipe.  "Surely, if I can make cookies and frosting from scratch then I should have no problem with cupcakes," I thought to myself.  In the recipe it tells you to add 1.5tsp nutella to the top of each cupcake and stir.  Well, recipe-lady, nutella is quite thick.  How am I supposed to fold it over enough to get it throughout each cupcake without making them look like they were thrown together by a blind, one-armed bandit?  Answer: it can't be done.  I scooped each cupcake out of their original liner into new ones, popped them in the over and prayed for the best.

Twenty five minutes later I take them out and set them on the counter.  While the aroma of baked good + nutella was quite intoxicating, my bliss was short lived.  I watched each and every fucking cupcake crumble.  It looked like they were melting into themselves.  Now, before you tell me that I took them out too soon - let me assure you that I checked each one with a toothpick.  The consistency was perfect.  I have no idea what went wrong.

Back to the drawing board.

I was going to just it be and see if they tasted good anyway but then I got pissed.  I'm not good at failing.  Especially when I tried and read directions and made sure everything was perfect.  I made the same recipe.  This time I added mashed bananas and folded the rest of the nutella into the batter.  The batter is pretty tasty.

I just realized that instead of starting the timer I decided to do a little blogging.  Fingers crossed that these turn out a lot prettier than the other ones.  Pictures to come later.

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Penny Lane said...

Nothing can go wrong when there is Nutella involved